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Smart Watches at Imzi

Over the past few years Smart Watch’s have been increasing massively in popularity. First of you had your basic fitness trackers, and out came the success of FitBit. Then Apple hit the market and announced their newest line up in technology…The Apple Watch. Slowly big brands such as Fossil and their subsidiary company’s began to make designer smart watches with more of a classic watch look. Now here at Imzi We are enlarging our tech collection with different brands of these watches, to allow different prices, different specs and different designs for our customers to choose from.

Familiar Faces

Now as mentioned before some of you have probably heard of some of these watches before such as the FitBit or maybe even Garmin. These are some of our more basic range smart watches, starting from a low price of £89.

If it’s a FitBit you’re after you can currently get 2 different Models…

    • FitBit Charge 2
    • £89
    • This watch comes with a 1.5″ Multi Line OLED Display. It can be used to monitor your heart rate and you can track your fitness by connecting it to your FitBit smartphone app. You will also revieve Smart Watch notifcations such as messages and calls, so you’ll never miss a call again! You’ll also be supported by a massive 5 day battery life, so no worries when it comes to recharging. 
    • Splash Resitance
    • 10 Hours Data Storage
    • Operating System: FitBit OS
    • Smart Watches - FitBit Charge 2
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    • FitBit Blaze
    • £109
    • This FitBit is a bit more like your average Smart Watch It comes with a 1.25″ LCD Display. This allows you to read your messages from your watch, as well as receiving call notifications. The of course you still have all of the fitness pro’s such as heart monitoring, sleep Monitoring step counting on all a 5 day battery life. As well as this you will get the Fit Bit Fitness app on your Smartphone meaning you can track your health more accuratley.
    • Up To 25 Feet Fully Waterproof.
    • 7 Days Data Storage
    • Operating System: FitBit OS.
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Branded Smart Watches.

These are for the more fashionable approaches. Maybe something you’d wear on a night out, or with a nice suit. We’ll start this list off with the lower end of the market. Although they may be cheaper, they definitely don’t sacrifice in style.

    • Fossil Gen 3 – Q Explorist.
    • £159
    • This watch comes with a classic watch design. It has a 1.2″ AMOLED Display, and comes in a stainless steel or leather strap design. This watch watch works with both android and IOS but is optimised more for Android, allowing more features or more fluent features for android users due to the software of the watch. You still get all of your health updates with heart trackers, and fitness updates. You also get more of a smart watch ability. With this watch, you can customise your watch dial, you can control your music and you can even use it with Google Assistant  and Google maps. You will also be able to use it to receive Smartphone notifications, straight on to your wrist, including Texts,Calls, Emails, Alarm Clocks and more. 
    • Water Resistance (May Damage Leather Strap)
    • 4GB Storage
    • Operating System:  Android Wear


      • Emporio Armani Connected
      • £339
      • This smartwatch comes with all fitness bonus’ of all smartwatches, as well as key features such as notification alerts. It has a 1.25″ AMOLED Display, and comes with a stainless steel frame and band. You can use the rotaing crown to control the watch face and also customise different watch faces, or eve  use third party support to download straight on to the watch. This watch is also a Water Resistance device so you will be able to get it wet without a worry!
      • IP67 Water Resistance
      • 4GB Storage
      • Operating System: WearOS 2

  • Garmin Vivosport
  • £129
  • The Garmin Smartwatch is great for your fitness needs as well as keeping you in touch with your smartphone notifications. It has all of the basic functions a smartwatch should have such as calorie and step counters, workout tracking, timers, alarms, notifications and more! This watch will also alow you to go swimming, as it is IP68 Waterproof. Meaning you can go swimming  for 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.
  • IP68 Water Resistance
  • 7 Days Battery
  • Operating System: Garmin OS
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Mobile Phone Branded Smart Watches.

We’ll start off with the brand everyone is familiar with….Samsung. This watch is a very sporty design, feel and over all look to it. This is for obvious reasons, it’s clearly a fitness watch, with Smartphone features. We also have a Nokia Hybrid watch, this will last days, almost a month infact, this watch uses a regular watch face with a small circular OLED cutout for smart features. Last but not least another one of our feature phones, the Huawei Watch 2, Sport. This watch is definitely a recommendation for Android users. Not only can you answer calls and reply to messages but it also comes with 4G LTE support. All you do is add a sim card and off you go!

Firstly the Samsung…


    • Samsung Gear
    • £199
    • This comes with a 1.2″ famous Samsung Super AMOLED Display. You can get bonus features such as Samsung Pay, being able to pay contactless payments via your watch when shopping with big brands. This watch will last roughly 48 hours before needing to charge, which is good considering the amount this watch is capable of. You can get all your fitness info still, with your hear monitor to calorie burner, the full thing. Whilst also being able to reply to message, and calls as long as you’re on android. 
    • 50M Waterpoof
    • 4GB Storage
    • Operating Sytem: Tizen 3.0

Next up The Nokia…

  • Nokia Activity HR
  • £139
  • This watch sticks with a classic watch face, but also includes a circular cut out for a small display. Meaning this watch can last a whopping 25 Days without a charge. Which is the longest battery we have in stock. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re sacrificing much either. You will still receive updates on your fitness, it still tracks your calories and your steps just like a regular fitness watch. You will also still receive notifications from your phone on your watch too. Just on a smaller non customise-able display.
  • Splash Proof
  • Operating System: Nokia OS

Nokia HR Smart Watches

Now, The Huawei…

    • Huawei Watch 2 – Sport
    • £179
    • This watch has a 1.2″ AMOLED Display. What this watch does differently to the rest is the fact it’s got 4G connection, especially at a low cost. This allows you to stay connected at all times even without your phone. You can use it for GPS, 4G or Calls. This watch goes for more of a classic watch style, but also has a sporty, fitness design mixed with it. It still has all the fitness specs as a usual smartwatch, Heart Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Workout Report. You can also download offline playlist for music to listen to for workouts, or for general usage. (Requires Bluetooth headphones). Thanks to the software from google this watch also supports google assistant and the Play store for 3rd party app support and NFC Mobile Pay (Most Likely GPay).
    • IP68 Water Resitance (1.5M for 30 Minutes.)
    • 4GB Storage
    • OS: WearOS 2

Smart Watch Huawei