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Samsung Phone Repair


Samsung Phone Repair

Your local Samsung repair centre

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Hardware and software problems can wreak havoc for your smartphone. A Samsung screen repair is no easy task; ditto any battery issues, or a waterlogged system. You can’t afford to go for a second-rate repair store… otherwise, it’s a waste of time and patience.

Thanks to Imzi Communications, you can find a quick and affordable fix for your phone, so it’s back in your palm as soon as possible. Where you’re looking to restore a J series phone or you need a Galaxy repair service, we’re able to fix:

Why choose our Samsung repair centre?

18 years in the Arndale Centre has taught us everything we need to know about Samsung phone repair in Manchester. Our experienced technicians rise to a challenge, even if your smartphone seems beyond help.

We aim to fix your phone to the highest standard, in as little as 30 minutes. All Samsung repair jobs come with a 28 day warranty, and if we can’t solve the issue on the day, you’ll be given a replacement until we’re done.

What’s more, we offer a variety of service options to suit you. Visit us in the Arndale, or send us your device by post – whatever’s more convenient! We can even arrange for an insured courier to collect and return your phone if time is an issue.

What’s not to love? For phone repair in Manchester, head into our store, or call us to discuss your problem.


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Contact us to book in a repair with our technical team

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