How Much Does A Screen Repair Cost?

We know the feeling: that sudden plummet in your guts as a smartphone falls from your hand. It hits the ground, and there’s a crack… the face of your device is covered in webs of broken glass. It’ll need to be fixed, but what are the costs? How difficult and time-consuming is a smartphone screen repair, all things considered?

Much of it, actually, rests on the extent of the damage, which only a technical expert can deduce. So you’re making the right call by going to a smartphone repair centre; before you get there, though, here’s what might affect the price of a screen fix.

Replacing the glass screen

First off, it’s worth noting that most repair stores won’t stock screens for old models like the iPhone 4 or Samsung Galaxy S2. If you’ve smashed any of these devices, it might be tough to find a replacement service, and you may be forced to pay for a whole new unit. Can’t afford the latest mobiles? Buying a refurbished second hand phone in the same make and model is a viable alternative.

Assuming you’ve only cracked the glass – i.e. the top layer of the screen, which still shows graphics and responds to touch – then the price will ascend, marginally, depending on how ‘current’ the phone is. An iPhone 6, for example, can hover between £59-£79, whereas the 6Plus carries another £10 or so on top of that.

Insurance plans with the main phone providers will cut that down, of course, but you’ll be paying the premium, which is as much as – or more than – the cost of a full screen repair per year.

Looking beneath the surface…

However, it’s important to note that other kinds of damage can stem from the impact of a smashed phone. It may affect the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), disrupting picture receptors and making the phone hard or impossible to read. Replacing the LCD screen can double the price tag.

Even if the damage is only superficial, problems can worsen when a smashed screen is left untreated. Think of the glass as your phone’s main defence – once it’s been breached, you risk exposing the hardware to dirt, water and debris. The touch fingerprint sensor could break, adding to the cost. Or you could suffer from water damage, making the repair job a lot tougher (and more expensive).

So, as a ballpark figure, we’re looking anywhere between £79- £99 for the basic glass screen, and up to another £20 if the problems have magnified. These are general estimates for your smartphone screen repair – third-party experts, like us, can diagnose the issue and provide an accurate cost, often at a much lower price than the high street brands.

Smashed your phone screen? Bring your device to Imzi Communications. We’ll assess the extent of the damage, so that you can get an affordable screen fix, fast. One break can do a lot more harm than meets the eye… Contact us today for advice, or visit our store in Manchester’s Arndale Centre.   

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