Imzi Communications

Mobile Phone Repair Manchester.

Imzi Communications

Imzi Communications is a mobile phone repair & sales store. We sell quality products at affordable prices. You can purchase a variety of devices from us starting at devices as cheap as £20. Such as devices  like the Nokia 105. Maybe you want something more on the high end of the scales? Such as Samsung’s S9 and S9+ or Apple iPhone X & iPhone 8+.

We have 2 stores in the Manchester Arndale Centre. We have our main store located at 49, High Street inside the Arndale markets. As well as our Kiosk located in the middle of the Arndale Centre on the upper floor.

Our Kiosk specialises in accessories but does accept repairs. Any purchases or questions about stock are also accepted. As we can get everything transferred from our main shop.

Imzi Communications provides a variety of services in Manchester, We repair phones, Tablets, PC’s and Laptops! We also sell these products, With our team ready to tell you all the specs and prices with the best deals available. You can contact us prior to your visits to get information on products, repairs, or general enquiries by E-Mail, social Media, or by Phone. You can find all of our information on our contact page here: http://imzi.co.uk/mobilephonerepair/contact-us/

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