iPhone Repair, Screen smashed.

Repairs and Technicians

Imzi communications provides quality repairs in quick times. We can repair your device within 45 minutes on a basic repair, such as screen replacement. We provide our customers with a 28 day 1 month warranty as long as they can provide proof of purchase, such as keeping their receipt.

Our repair service varies through different brands, products, and problems. We can fix almost every issue with your device such as LCD issues, Water Damage, Battery problems , Hardware and Software issues and so on. You can bring in your device anytime throughout the day up until 6:30 pm. We will have a look at the device and give you a quote and explanation as soon as possible.

In advance to this if you know your problem you can call up the store to book in your device at certain times, or you can even call in to ask about your problem or any other questions you may have and we’ll try our best to help you.

In addition to this you can contact us prior to your visit through E-Mail, Social Media, or Directly through the phone. We will try our best to answer any enquiries you may have, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

You can find all of our information over on our contact page here:  http://imzi.co.uk/mobilephonerepair/contact-us/