Our Team.

Mobile Phone Repair Manchester Arndale


Here at Imzi we have a well respected team who we treat like a family. We currently have 12 members of staff spread out between both stores including our Technicians, Marketing  Shop floor and management. Our team will always be on lookout to help you with any questions, problems or  enquiries you have for us. They make sure to put customer service first and always help out the best they can. We come together to help make sure that the customers get the best understanding and services available.

The staff here make sure to always look out for the customers. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything. the staff will lead you in the right way. Giving you best advice possible. This may be for something such as choosing the best phone for the best price, or the best deals on Networks. We’re here to lead you in the right path.

If you ever need to contact our team to discuss any matters, feel free to inform us over E-Mail, Social Media or Phone. Our staff will make sure to reply to you as soon as possible as long as they are in the office or online. Contact us here: http://imzi.co.uk/mobilephonerepair/contact-us/