Reasons Your iPhone Battery may be draining.

Apple are renowned for their standard-defying technology, but high performance often comes at a price – and not just financially speaking either. Every new iPhone is savvier than the last, but whilst software continues to come on in leaps and bounds, battery capabilities can’t quite keep up.

Anyone who uses their iPhone regularly will be familiar with playing the “find a socket” game during work commutes and coffee shop stops, but do you know which features are most to blame for squeezing precious juice from your battery? Some might surprise you…

The constant searching

Think of your iPhone as a relentless forager – permanently on the lookout for the most valuable data even in the most desolate places. If there’s a sniff of Wi-Fi in the area, your iPhone will pick it up. If there’s 4G near the vicinity, your iPhone will do its utmost to connect. Apple devices are on constant red alert for the best possible signal strength and optimum performance, and all this searching takes its toll on the battery.

By giving your phone a break from the hunting, you can save power and get more life out of your battery. When you’re not using your mobile, head into settings and switch off:

  • 4G
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • App Location
  • System Location
  • Location Services
  • AirDrop
  • iCloud Synchronisation

Activating Airplane Mode will cease some search activity, but you may still need to turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth manually.

The screen brightness

iPhones, by design, are mostly screen – so illuminating these large areas puts serious strain on the battery. Using your mobile less frequently is an effective but unrealistic solution for many. A far more viable way to make your mobile more efficient is by lowering the display brightness.

Simply head into your settings, turn Auto-Brightness off, and use the scrolling icon to keep the light as low as possible. The less effort your mobile has to put into brightening the huge display, the more power it’ll have for other tasks.

The pretty, but unpractical features

Every iPhone update comes with a bunch of exciting new features that raise eyebrows… but don’t always add anything practical. In many cases, these additions exist purely as aesthetic enhancements, increasing user enjoyment but not serving a particularly useful purpose. They also suck the life out of your battery when running in the background.

Put your practical hat on to keep your battery running longer, and head into your settings to tend to features like:

  • Reduce Motion – Turning this on will stop the unnecessary animations that pop up on screen
  • Siri – If you don’t use Siri, switch it off and you can save lots of power in the process
  • Vibrations – Turning off the vibrate feature helps with battery life, especially if you’re receiving a lot of messages/notifications

Do you really need flashy colours, a personal mobile assistant, and a buzzing noise for alerts? If the answer is no, then you have three easy ways to make your phone battery last longer right there.

Battery life dwindles naturally over time, and if your mobile is barely making it through the day, it might be time to treat yourself to a new iPhone battery. Imzi Communications specialise in iPhone battery replacement and repair, expertly fitting brand new technology for an affordable price.

Get in touch with our team or swing by our Arndale Centre shop if you’re having any difficulties with your iPhone battery. We’ll be able to offer you the guidance, support, or repairs you need.

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