Careers at Imzi

Careers at Imzi

Looking for a career? Here at Imzi Communications we’re looking to hire all sorts of different personality’s. Our careers range throughout the store. In our team, we have 4 different main sectors. We have shop floor sales staff, Technicians, Online Marketing and Management Team. At the moment our Sales staff and Technician jobs are always open for new members to apply. We love working with people who tend to be a bit more quirky than the rest, So if you would like to join out team email us below your CV and a cover letter and we’ll review it in no time!

What to expect from a career at Imzi?

The hours you work are mostly up to you. Once you have been given an interview at our store you can explain what hours you would like to work, and which days you are available to work. From then on we will rota you in to fit your timetable. The shop opens at 9am and closes at 6:30 – 7:30.  So you can expect to be mainly working between the hours of 10am-6:30pm. Besides Sundays, They tend to be between 11am-5pm. If you are ever to need more or less hours, or even time off, you can request this from management as long as its minimum of 2 weeks notice.

The two main positions

At the moment the two main position we are hiring is either shop floor assistant or a mobile repair technician. Our shop floor assistant does not require any sort of mobile phone knowledge although it would definitely be a bonus to us. We will offer you training and show you how learn as you work about different phones. Most of the time our staff tend to pick it up as they go along and before they know it, can tell different models and prices without thinking about it! We are also offering an apprenticeship for those would like to train with us in retail. You can come straight to us or go through Smart Training to find our store. You will receive on the job training as well as a tutor to teach you everything you could know about working in retail.

The Technician job is a little more complicated. We do prefer to have great knowledge on phones, and definitely some experience. We do repair a massive variety of models, and brands here at Imzi so someone who is trained is a massive bonus for us. If you are still interested in the position but don’t have great experience, you can email call or come in to store to discuss possible training opportunities with us here.

How to Apply.

Email: [email protected]  

Call: 0161 833 9999

Or you can walk in store with your CV.

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