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Imzi Communications

We Sell and repair mobile phones, tablets and laptops in the heart of the Arndale Shopping Centre, Manchester.

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iphone repair manchester
iPad Repair Manchester
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Imzi Communications

iPhone Repair Manchester

Imzi Communications have been repairing iPhones since they arrived on the market in 2007. With over 13 years of experience our technicians can diagnose and fix most issues within an hour of arriving at one of our shops. Common issues such as broken screens, faulty charger ports and battery issues are all second nature to our staff and we only use the highest quality parts to ensure a long lasting fix.

iPad Repair Manchester

iPad repairs have also been a staple of our business since the first model arrived in 2010. Once again, repairing iPads is a daily routiene for our seasoned technicians. You can rest easy knowing that the highest quality parts and skilled technicians will be repairing your device. We know how important it is for you to have your devices back a soon as possible and most repairs can be done within an hour.

Samsung Repair Manchester

Samsung devices are our second most popular repair. We have been using original parts for Samsung repairs since the early 2000’s. Having repaired thousands of phones per year we know our way around every issue and your device will be in safe hands when using Imzi Communications.

Imzi Communications Mobile Phone, Tablet and Laptop Repairs in Manchester

iPhone Battery Repair Manchester
Battery Replacement

The longer you have owned your handset the more the battery degrades over time. We have been replacing batteries on phones, iPad, and laptops for over a decade and frequently perform battery replacements. We only use the highest quality batteries when fitting them in our customer’s phones. We want to keep you powered up and able to use your device for as long as possible. All of our batteries are covered by a 1 year warranty to ensure you get the most out of your device. Although we offer a 1 year warranty you can expect most batteries with regular use to last over 3 years. If you constantly find yourself having to reach for your charger and plug in you may find it is time to replace the battery. Give us a call or drop into one of our shops so that we can give you a free diagnostic on your device. Battery replacements can usually be completed within the hour.

iPhone screen repair manchester
Screen Repair

Repairing the screens of our client’s phones is probably our most popular service provided. We repair over 45 phones per day and the vast majority are phone screens. At Imzi Communications we use only the highest quality parts. If you have dropped your phone and the screen is cracked, please don’t worry! We can repair all of the main phone models the same day that you bring it in. We make sure all of our repairs are affordable for our customers as we know how important having your phone back in your hands.

Water Damage

Water damage is always a disaster. Whether you have had your phone out in the rain or it has absorbed water from being left in a steamy bathroom. Water damage is not beyond repair though! We can clean the water and the residue that is left on the board. It is not a guaranteed fix but we can certainly try. Most water damaged devices need to be left with us for a few days to let it dry out. Once the phone is dry internally we will clean off the residue which is left over. This residue is what will stop a handset from connecting and working as intended. Normally a battery replacement will be in order too.

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Some of our happy clients

We have been using Imzi for all our business device repairs since 2015. When we can get one of our staff members down to the shop they normally get our phones back up and running within the hour. On occassions we have posted in devices and have them back within 24 / 48 hours. We are always happy with Imzi’s fantastic service and high quality parts. Thanks so much, hopefully we wont need to send anything in for repair soon, but if we do we know where to go!

Midas Consultant

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