Vivo Apex – 98% Screen to body ratio.

Vivo Apex

Vivo have released their new phone the Vivo Apex.  We must say we are impressed by this amazing display.

So you must be thinking, yes there’s this big full screen display, but where’s my selfie camera? Well Vivo have installed a “Pop Up” Camera that comes out the top of your phone, and pops back in. This can pop out in just 0.8 seconds, so it isn’t really an inconvenience having to constantly pop it in and out.  It also pops out automatically, meaning as soon as you open your selfie cam on the camera app, it pops straight out. Now we have our opinions on this, Pro’s and Cons.

Our Opinion

Now the Pro’s are fairly obvious, this full screen display which is amazing for looking at, and watching content on. Especially on the “Ultra-Bright” OLED display.

The cons would be, well how easy is the camera going to break? We’ve been wondering at Imzi what if it gets Jammed and can’t go back in? or what if you drop it and it snaps? There’s problems that we are concerned about, but we will just have to wait for the public release to find out for sure.

Some other high-Tec features include the under the display fingerprint scanner. This has a light-sensor underneath the display which will momentarily light up your finger whilst it scans your prints. At the moment it’s a little slower than the regular fingerprint scanner, but we think we’re looking at the future here. This also allows for secondary unlock, so for example if you and your spouse or work colleague share a phone, you can double lock your device. Meaning you will need to place both fingers on your display.

For now we will have to wait for more details, and specs to be confirmed but have a look for yourself at the Vivo Apex.