Smart Watch

Smart Watches

We have brand new smart watches in stock at Imzi communications! Great watches at Great Prices. Smartwatches are great for keeping on track of your health as well as keeping on top of all your notifications! They make it even easier to see when you’re getting calls, texts, emails and more. Not only that but they do a great job telling the time whilst looking fashionable. They’re more than just a watch!


We have the Fit Bit Charge 2 in stock, and we are selling it for just £99! What a bargain. Use your Fit Bit to keep track of your health, compete with your friends, and a fashionable high tech watch for your every day usage! These watches have interchangeable sports bands, so you can find the one that suits you best. These watches have a long life battery lasting up to 4 days, they can track your heart rate, sleeping pattern and more! You also get call,text and calendar alerts straight from your mobile device! The watch is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows and even MAC+PC. Just download the app and off you go.


We have the Garmin Disney kids watch in stock! We are selling this for only £59. This is great device for keeping your kids fit and healthy! It comes with daily challenges on the app for the children to complete. It features swim friendly tech, activity tracking, reward systems and a parent controlled app. This device also has a one year non rechargeable battery life. This device is great for getting your family in to fitness and keeping track of how your child is doing in terms of health, whilst allowing your child to have a fashionable watch that’s tough and water resistant.

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