Samsung S9 – Our Opinion

Samsung S9 & S9 Plus

You may have seen by now that the tech giant Samsung have released their newest line up in the galaxy series.

Yes this may look the same as the previous generation on the outside but lets talk about whats changed.

Whats changed?

For starters we have the small but mighty changes such as the moving of the fingerprint scanner (Thank you Samsung) Samsung owners may be aware that they were advised to clean they’re lenses last year as you may miss the finger print scanner, and smudge the lens. It took everyone complaining to quickly reassure Samsung to put the scanner underneath the lens instead of by its side.

We also have the biggest change of the smartphone which is the Camera. The worlds first smartphone camera that can change aperture. So for those who may not know, changing apertures for your lens lets a certain amount of light into camera. for example for low light photo’s you would change to the f/1.5 setting allowing you to get great photo’s in the dark. But for well lit area’s opting for the higher f/2.4. The camera also has a super slo-mo setting. This allows up to 900fps at 720p, also the first phone to do anything close to this. They also have a 240fps at 1080p, competing with the iPhone X that was the first to do this a few months back on it’s release.

The S9 also includes the new and powerful Exynos 9810 chip with a 4GB of RAM or a 6GB RAM for the S9+. Of course Samsung still have the wonderful displays for their phones which is always nice to look at. Take a look at the new S9 yourself!